Denz Devarez DJ & Musical Composer


Denz Devarez has been on the music scene for quite some years now as a DJ and a true musical promoter. Embracing a variety of musical styles over his career his passion is based in his motherland South Africa where he found the real African deep and soulful house sounds. Building up QHRadio from 2008 till 2013 he has found a great way in pushing the quality house sounds around the world. Starting up a large fan base through the station, promoting established and upcoming labels, producers and DJ’s, and running his own podcast called Inside The Rhythm, Denz Devarez is a well known name in the industry of deep & soulful house music and you can find him at events from LA to Hong Kong.

Currently you can find Denz Devarez’s music in mixes as a part of his hard work as producer and musical composer. Having a handful of official releases on top labels, such as, Peng Africa, United Music Records, Anarchy Music to name a few. He also has many unreleased edit’s which will take you away on dance floors and airwaves.

Equipped with talent, passion and love for quality house music Denz quotes “All we need is some turntables and speakers and we are in for a party!”

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